I thought that as I am a keen lover of fashion I would start posting my own looks etc. however I am v scared to do so. While my dress sense is rather tame and nothing extravagant I still get nervous at the idea of people analysing what I’m wearing. I spend so long every morning deciding what to wear, only to decide half way through the day that I don’t like my shoes or my skirt. So uploading my clothes decisions to my blog is rather nerve racking because knowing me i’ll hate it in the next half an hour. Anyhow, I spend lots of time reading bloggers fashion edits and loving the outfits they put together. It’s such a good feeling to get new inspiration from other bloggers who have taken the time and effort into taking lovely pictures of their own styles. Read More…


While I’m still busy turning this blog into something I’m proud of and actually worth reading I thought I would give you an insight as to what encouraged me to start writing in the first place. I have always had a love for reading/writing/english however I wasn’t truly fascinated by fashion and lifestyle writing until I picked up my first Company magazine. I’m sure you can all remember flicking through a copy and seeing the bright images with the most up and coming celebs of that month ey?

Reading Company magazine was most definitely what pushed me to want to write; it was my actual dream to work for them until printing was stopped (saddest day ever). For about 2 years I subscribed to Company so each month a new edition would arrive at my house and I loved it.  Even after they stopped printing I still kept all my copies which just highlights my obsession that I had haha.

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So it certainly has been a while since my last post but once again nerves and embarrassment got the better of me; but I’m back! (and hopefully for good this time)

The start of a New Year is always an exciting time purely because everyone is determined to make a change and turn their lives around drastically. Indeed, most people do give up on their goals by February time however I’m determined to make this year a good one by sticking to my resolutions. At least if I blog it and publish it on the internet there is no going back on my words.

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To end the summer on a high on Thursday 27th August, me and a bunch of v excited friends headed to Reading Music Festival and it was amazing.

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Here it is. thejosieagenda.com

I want to keep this intro short as it may well be the most awkward thing I have ever had to write because it’s hard to know what to say

My name is Josie, if you hadn’t already guessed, and I’m a 16 year old girl from Wiltshire. This blog is simply a place for me to express my thoughts, experiences and ideas. Currently, I’m uncertain on what I want to write about so for now I’ll keep my options open and see what I enjoy best. My posts could range from fashion, books, feminism or even personal anecdotes so I expect in the beginning it will be all over the place.

What’s been so daunting about starting this whole process is the fact that no one is going to know that this site even exists, however, right now my following count is not a priority. I just hope I can turn this website in to something I love and am proud of without making any typo’s along the way.

Josie S